TV presenter Carol Vorderman has revealed that she no longer sunbathes due to previously discovering precancerous skin cells after a biopsy.

The health-conscious personality now uses fake tans instead.

Carol, who grew up in Rhyl, has had several pre-cancerous skin biopsy tests in the past, prompting her decision to avoid sunbathing.

Although she has never had skin cancer, she is taking preventive measures.

On Instagram, Carol said: "Well I don’t sunbathe anymore or rather I choose not to because I’ve had you know, little pre-cancerous skin thingy, biopsy thingies, all of that.

"So I do fake tans.

"Do you like this one? Put that on last night, a little bit of fake tan. Hopefully it lasts."

In addition to her skincare routine, Carol is also known for her active lifestyle.

She frequently shares her gym workouts on her Instagram account and has not weighed herself in 24 years.

When she has a medical checkup, she refuses to let doctors tell her her weight.

Carol credits her incredible figure to a 28-day detox diet she did back in 1999, which she revealed during an interview.

The diet was criticised by nutritionists, but Carol said it worked for her.

She added that she hasn't got back on the scales since completing the diet.

The former Countdown presenter admitted that she doesn't cook at home and that she loved pasta and other foods when she was in her thirties.

She was working very hard during that time and eating just to stay alive and stay awake.

Melanoma skin cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer in the UK, with 16,700 new cases every year.

Carol's decision to avoid sunbathing and take preventive measures is commendable and serves as a reminder to others to prioritise their health.