Welsh TV personality, Carol Vorderman, has hit out at the UK Government after it was revealed earlier this week Wales had lost £155.5 million of public funding. 

A report published on Monday, by the Senedd’s Public Accounts and Public Administration Committee (Papac), claimed “significant funding was lost to Wales” as a result of “poor account management” by First Minister Mark Drakeford’s Government and its £155.5 million underspend in 2020-21.

The £155.5 million figure is the result of the difference between the balance of the Wales Reserve on April 1, 2021 of £505.5 million, and the Wales Reserve’s limit of £350 million.

The Welsh Government said they had approached the Chief Secretary to the Treasury but he had rejected its request to carry forward funds in excess of the Wales Reserve limit.

Vorderman has seen red at these comments and took to social media yesterday to vent her frustration. 

On Twitter, she said: "Westminster takes back £150m from Wales as it hadn't been spent fast enough.

"Are you b***dy joking me?

"Article: understand happened before but money NOT recalled. 

"Punished because Welsh gov didn't hand buckets of cash to their mates like the Tories?"

Hundreds of followers commented on Vorderman's post with mixed responses as to who was to blame. 

One follower said: "As always if they can attempt to discredit Wales they will try.

"That money is Welsh money, they've robbed us of EU funding that they've not replaced too.

"I truly hope at the next General Election the Welsh electorate remember this and kick the Tories out of Wales."

Another said: "I live in Wales and genuinely think the Welsh Government need to take more responsibility here.

"Why didn't they spend it on time?

"They're always quick enough to blame central government, but personally don't think they could manage a piss up in a brewery, let alone Wales' finances!"

Readers also shared their views online about the decision to pull more than £150 million of funding from the Welsh Government.

One reader said: "So basically Westminster has said the Senedd has too much money saved for future use and has taken part of it back?

"That's a little strange don't you think?"

Another said: "Indeed. A disgrace that Sunak would not allow the funds that could not be spent in a pandemic to be rolled over."

A third reader added: "Disgraceful allowing this to happen.

"So who is going to be made accountable for this? I suspect no one!"