A MOTHER and daughter from Prestatyn are battling breast cancer at the same time after both being diagnosed with the illness within weeks of each other.

Neeley Street was told she had breast cancer in December, having celebrated her 40th birthday the previous month.

Her mother, Sandra, 75, had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in 14 years in October.

Rhyl Journal: Sandra and Neeley StreetSandra and Neeley Street (Image: Neeley Street)

Both Neeley and Sandra are being cared for at the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, Bodelwyddan, and plan to “ring the bell” together one their treatments conclude.

Cancer patients often ring a ceremonial bell to celebrate finishing their radiation treatment or chemotherapy – something Neeley and her mother hope to do in a few months’ time.


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Neeley said: “Mum’s halfway through chemotherapy, and I’ve had my surgery, and I’m seeing an oncologist next week.

“Then, I’ll start my radiotherapy. They’re hoping that it should all be finished within the next couple of months”

“My mum have the same oncologist, Dr Jones, and the same surgeon, Mr Samra. The breast team at Glan Clwyd are absolutely incredible.

“I’ve been looking online, and can’t find anywhere where a mother and daughter have rung the bell at the same time.”

Neeley, an extended duties nurse for North Wales Community Dental Service, said the emotional toll of learning her mother had breast cancer again was far greater on this occasion than the last time.

Rhyl Journal: Sandra and Neeley StreetSandra and Neeley Street (Image: Neeley Street)

That Neeley was diagnosed with breast cancer herself so soon after left her mother feeling as if she was to blame, she said.

And though she said her mother has “quite an aggressive cancer”, Neeley is doing her utmost to remain positive throughout.

She added: “When mum was diagnosed again, it was just earth-shattering.

“We’d been through it 14 years ago, but this time, because we knew now what we were going to endure, it was just so much harder.

“Mum going through all of the surgery has been harder, mentally, than last time.

“It was about seven weeks between mum and me both getting diagnosed. I think that (Neeley’s diagnosis) hit my mum so hard, because I’m so young, fit and healthy.

“It just destroyed her; when we got the news that I had cancer, my mum’s first words were: ‘I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault’.

“We then went straight from that appointment to my mum’s oncology appointment to talk through her own chemotherapy; it was just so surreal.”

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Neeley herself is recovering from surgery, but hopes to return to work as soon as possible before starting her radiotherapy.

She praised the team at Glan Clwyd for the care and support they have provided her and Sandra, and said she has “full trust” in them.

Neeley said: “I want to be in work because mentally, I’ll feel better. I’ve remained incredibly positive throughout this; having a positive mental attitude really does help.

“My friends threw me a really lavish pyjama ‘kicking cancer’s butt’ party, which was just amazing. I couldn’t get through this without my friends and family.

Rhyl Journal: Neeley (front, centre) and her friends at the pyjama party they threw for herNeeley (front, centre) and her friends at the pyjama party they threw for her (Image: Neeley Street)

“I have full trust in the team at Glan Clwyd, because they’re the same team that worked on mum 14 years ago.

“Mr Samra has not only saved my mum’s life twice; he’s now saved my life, too. They’re such an incredible team.

“We’re hoping to get the all-clear and ring the bell together in April or May. It’s going to be really emotional.”