ONE of North Wales' leading live performers has spoken about their love of drag as they prepare to celebrate their 24th birthday with a sensational show.

The show hosted by The Royal Serenity takes place on March 10 and promises to be "a show the likes Prestatyn has never seen before".

The art of drag has been around for generations, but in recent years it has been thrust into the mainstream thanks to shows like RuPaul's Drag Race.


The Royal Serenity.

The Royal Serenity.


With The Vivienne, who grew up in Colwyn Bay, appearing on Dancing on Ice, Shangela competing on Dancing with the Stars in America, Shea Couleé being cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Jinkx Monsoon earning rave reviews on Broadway, is seems that drag is experiencing a golden age.

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But Serenity says drag is not as new as some might think.


The Royal Serenity.

The Royal Serenity.


They said: "Shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race are becoming more and more popular, which is giving drag queens an incredible platform and amazing opportunities of work and travel.

"But this isn’t new, drag has always been on our TVs with the likes of Mrs Doubtfire, Lily Savage, Dame Edna and let’s not forget our fabulous pantomime dames! It’s just that now it’s finally being recognised as a talent and the artists are more openly admired and celebrated.

"It’s so beautiful to see fans of drag coming together to celebrate this art which has been around for hundreds of years."

The Royal Serenity was born on the Wirral to a Filipino mother, living briefly lived in Spain before moving to North Wales at the age of six. They attended Prestatyn High School, and later went into restaurant work before following their dream of being a professional drag artist and performer five years ago.


The Royal Serenity.

The Royal Serenity.


Serenity added: "I’m one of the lucky few that get to say their job is something they genuinely love and enjoy. Drag, to me, is such an incredible art and form of entertainment. It’s given me so many amazing opportunities and taken me to some beautiful places. When I first started drag, I used it as a disguise to wear on stage so I could have the confidence to sing, it then developed into a feeling similar to how I imagine Clark Kent feels putting on the Superman costume.

"Having that feeling is extremely powerful and being able to share that power with people who see me is an even greater feeling.

"As drag artists, we’re not just here to entertain, it’s also our job to educate, inspire, and nurture which some of the newer queens are yet to learn."

The Royal Serenity started performing in the Chester drag scene, inspired by the likes of Dixi Tucker, Lady Wanda Why, and Deloris Dainty.

Serenity says they were lucky enough to be taken under the wing of "The Outrageous Drag Queen" Shagger, probably the best-known, or should that be most notorious, drag artist working in North Wales and Chester.

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They said: "We built a friendship that truly helped guide me to where I am today."


The Royal Serenity with the notorious Shagger.

The Royal Serenity with the notorious Shagger.


Serenity hoped that the rise in popularity of drag would see fans support their local performers and venues.

Serenity said: "It’s so important to pay a visit to our local kings and queens. If you say you’re a fan of drag, then you must support your local drag artists and get to know them at their shows. You’ll be amazed by the wide range of talents and personalities that you haven’t seen on TV.

"It also means so much to us when you come and say hello."

Rhyl Journal:

They added: "I can be found across the North Wales Coast, as well as towns and cities like Liverpool, Blackpool, and Chester. But home is where I truly love to perform.

"My upcoming show in Prestatyn is an extra special one to me as it will be to celebrate my 24th birthday. As well as performances from myself, I’ll also be joined by an incredible singer, a stunningly beautiful burlesque artist plus I’ll be bringing along some of my drag queen friends who will fill the room with jaw dropping dance moves and fabulous camp humour!

"It truly is a show the likes Prestatyn has never seen before."


The Royal Serenity.

The Royal Serenity.


The show takes place at the Con Club in Prestatyn from 7.30pm on Friday, March 10.

Tickets cost £10 and are available directly from The Royal Serenity on Instagram.