A POSTCARD of Towyn that dates back to the 1950s has been found in West Yorkshire, and highlights considerable changes to the area since then.

John C. Jackson, who lives in Burley-in-Wharfedale, West Yorkshire, found the postcard in a ‘long-neglected’ photograph box that belonged to his grandparents.

John has no idea how it came into his family’s possession, and believes it comes from around 1950.

“Rummaging in a long-neglected photograph box hidden in my loft, I came across this picture postcard entitled, The Rhyl Road, Towyn,” said John.

Rhyl Journal: John's grandparents' postcard of Towyn from around 1950.John's grandparents' postcard of Towyn from around 1950. (Image: John C. Jackson)

“The postcard, in fact, was not posted, nor was it written on. I can’t think why it was included in my late grandparents’ family photographic collection since, to my certain knowledge, neither of them visited North Wales.”

The photograph is that of Towyn Road, with St Mary’s Church seen to the left of the older picture.

We decided to compare the photograph with what the area looks like today, and found that the left side of the picture remains largely unchanged, with the houses, fencing and church almost just as they were.

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The right side of the picture has seen considerable change, with the absence of buildings and an enlarged footpath, which has made John wonder what they once were.

John added: “The right has altered considerably.

“For instance, the large Tudor-esque building has long-since disappeared.

“What was it, and what was the smaller building next to it?”