Culture Club singer, Boy George was left in tears on the latest episode of ITV's I'm A Celebrity after former health secretary Matt Hanock entered the camp. 

The pop icon quickly questioned whether he would stay in the jungle following the news that Matt would be his fellow campmate. 

He said that he would have walked out if anything had happened to his mother, who spent time in the hospital during the pandemic. 

Boy George said on the ITV show: "I was tweeting Greenwich Hospital saying please look after my mum...I don't feel like I want to be sitting here and having fun with him.

"If something had happened, I wouldn't be here now if he had walked in."

I'm A Celeb campmates react as Matt Hancock enters camp

Boy George was not the only campmate that was unhappy with the MP's addition, as others gave their brutal opinions. 

Comedian Babatunde Aleshe was not shy to share his grievances about Matt, saying: "I'm not saying certain people should not come into the camp, I'm just saying". 

Whilst star of Hollyoaks, Owen Warner said: "It's hard to push your views aside. There's many people's lives that have been affected. But at the same time we have got to be welcoming and treat people as humans."

The MP also faced a grilling from journalist and Loose Women panellist Charlene White who asked if he was concerned over reactions from his fellow campmates. 

To which Matt replied: "Not really but it was one on the worry list."

Adding that he hoped to show the public that politicians are 'human beings'.

Charlene was quick to ask what he thought the backlash might have been, asking: "I can't imagine it will have gone down well you at home. You have got to expect that? Because Parliament is sitting, it's not in recess."

As the MP replied: "I genuinely think that things now have stability." 

But Charlene fired back "We've had stability for five minutes."