THE former health secretary Matt Hancock has insisted "I haven’t lost my marbles" amid backlash over his I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! move.

But has he lost his 'marbles'? A lot of our readers across the Journal, North Wales Pioneer and Chronicle seem to think so! 

Taking to the Journal Facebook, Joey Bevan commented: "This is embarrassing."

Emma Louise Howard said: "I hope he gets voted for every bush tucker trial, and fails miserably, and has to live off rice and beans. The rest of the campmates should make him do all the work. Its a pity its not still at Gwyrch Castle."

Derek Griffiths penned: "I thought you had to be a celebrity to go on that program. Have they run out of celebrities this year? Only one I know is Boy George."

Whilst Shani Botteau said: "Hope he goes hungry to see how half the country will be suffering."

However, some readers were more sympathetic towards the MP. 

Debbie Boehouchengirl Hickmott said: "His choice the same as anyone who can enter as long as hes not getting paid by government.

Marcus Copeland commented: "I don’t see a problem. Has the same right as anyone to go on the show. His life his choice. Sod all to do with anyone else."

Deb Carter wrote on the Pioneer Facebook: "Probably the most useful use of his time. Will definitely not be watching."

Mr Hancock said he was entering the ITV programme’s jungle to “go to where the people are – not to sit in ivory towers in Westminster”.

The West Suffolk MP insisted his “first priority” is to his constituents as he flew more than 10,000 miles to join the ITV show, which starts on Sunday.

But Cabinet minister Mark Harper said Mr Hancock had not made the “right judgment” and would now have to decide whether he wants to continue as an MP on his return.

Mr Hancock had the Tory whip suspended by chief whip Simon Hart, who described the situation as “serious”.

Mr Hancock said he wants to use the “incredible platform” to raise awareness of dyslexia and insisted it “wasn’t the cheque” that made him decide to join the show.

He said he turned down the programme “twice this summer” but had a “change of heart” after workers asked a third time last week.

The MP said it was not the money that changed his mind, saying he will make “a donation” to St Nicholas Hospice Care in Suffolk, though he does not say he will give up the full amount.

He said he feels able to go to the jungle now the “Government is stable”.