RESIDENTS of the Prestatyn area were left slightly miffed earlier today (August 3) when a toilet seat turned up in the car park of Parc Prestatyn.

When people buy things, particularly bathroom necessities, they usually take them home with them.

Not this time, as a white toilet seat was left to occupy a space in the car park of Parc Prestatyn, amusingly placed next to a Range Rover Sport Evoke.

Shopper Lynsey Hedley noticed the loo when walking through the car park, saying in a social media post: “If anyone’s lost their loo, don’t worry it’s parked up in Parc Prestatyn opposite JD.”

Residents then came up with conspiracies as to why it sat there, with one person saying it was the “original portaloo”, while another said it was for “well-trained seagulls”.

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There were plenty of toilet-based jokes online, with one saying it was “crap parking”, while another defended it for having a “bloo badge”.

One resident said it was “money down the toilet” while another asked “did they loooooose it”.

One of the finest was someone saying: “Struggling to find the culprit, I'm sure you will flush them out”.

Another resident added it “Must be flush with money being on the retail park”, that they would “poop down while it’s post Pan-demic”, and apologising for their puns by saying they would “put a lid on it now”.

One shopper said: “Enough complaints we don’t have enough public toilets in Prestatyn - couldn’t be more public than that”.

Sadly, the toilet was denied its parking space, with spotter Ms Hedley adding: “When I got back to my car it had gone – saw the Parc Prestatyn maintenance guy wheeling it off in a trolley towards Tesco.”

And so, the Prestatyn toilet saga reaches an end.