THIS week’s Nostalgia takes us back to the iconic hovercraft service that ran between Rhyl and Moreton, the Wirral, between July and September 1962.

It was run by British United Airways through Furness Withy Ltd (Shipping Agents), with discussions the previous year having ruled out Hoylake as a destination.

Rhyl and Moreton were chosen as they had flat beaches that would aid the ship when the tide was in.

The hovercraft started operating on July 20, 1962, and was scheduled to do 12 trips a day, yet only ran on 19 of the 54 days of its lifespan.

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On the 36 days it did not run, often due to strong winds and high seas, and continual failure of the rear lift engine.

Its last trip was on Friday, 14 September 1962, leaving Moreton for Rhyl at 1.15pm.

When just over half way, one of the lift engines failed, followed by the other soon after, with the hovercraft eventually making it to Rhyl.

Although there were two more days scheduled, it was not to be.