AN artist from St Asaph will have her work showcased as part of a digital display on Broadway Plaza/Times Square in New York.

Elysia Gilman, whose digital exhibition will be among the bright lights of Broadway from 6am on June 23 until 2am the following day, always knew her passion was painting yet took an unusual route to achieve success.

“I have always had a passion for painting, and after studying art through high school, the natural progression was for me to continue to study Fine Art at university in the UK,” said Ms Gilman.

“I studied there for two years, but then decided it was not for me.”

Ms Gilman subsequently moved back to St Asaph during the lockdown in 2020, before realising her dream was to be a full-time artist, dispensing with her university studies and dropping out in order to commit to her passion.

Rhyl Journal: Elysia's painting of the Savoy in almost photographic detail. Photo: Elysia GilmanElysia's painting of the Savoy in almost photographic detail. Photo: Elysia Gilman

“I worked hard to set up my own website and online shop, as well as continuing to sell my oil paintings and take commissions.

“Almost two years later I am still continuing to do what I love.”

Elysia has since amassed more than 90,000 TikTok followers, with one of her portrait painting videos garnering more than 3.9 million views.

Her art is predominantly with oil paint, drawing her inspiration from impressionists in her creations of sporting and street scenes, as well as figurative work and portraits.

Now, her biggest exhibition yet will see her join other artists’ work on an LED screen covering 1,674 square feet of digital display at Broadway Plaza/Times Square.

The exhibition has been curated by Artist Talk Magazine, a publication written by artists.

For more of Elysia Gilman’s pieces, they can be found across social media on Instagram @elysiagilmanart (, TikTok @elysiagilmanart ( or via the artist’s website.

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