THE MP for Arfon, Hywel Williams, has called for Boris Johnson’s resignation as Prime Minister after this week’s publication of the full report into lockdown gatherings in Downing Street.

The report, led by senior civil servant Sue Gray, investigated 16 separate alleged gatherings on Government premises during COVID-19 restrictions between May 2020 and December 2021.

Following an initial 12-page report being released in late January, it has now been published in its entirety, with Ms Gray commenting that many such events were attended by government leaders and "should not have been allowed to happen".

She added that disciplinary action "is for others to consider", and named such senior officials in her final report as Mr Johnson, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, the most senior civil servant.

The 16 events in question took place across 12 different dates between May 2020 and April 2021.

They were held in either 10 Downing Street or the Cabinet Office, apart from one (Department for Education).

Of those, 12 were investigated by the Metropolitan Police, who issued 126 fines to 83 people, including to Mr Johnson and his wife, and Mr Sunak.

All three have apologised, with the Prime Minister admitting that “people had the right to expect better" from him.

A total of nine photographs from inside Downing Street appear in the report.

Mr Williams, Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon since 2001, urged for Conservative MPs to “grow a backbone” in light of the report’s findings.

He said: “To call Sue Gray’s report ‘damning’ for the Prime Minister is an understatement. It’s a catalogue of lawbreaking not only condoned, but encouraged, by Boris Johnson.

“In this farce of a parliamentary system we have in Westminster, his fate is in the hands of Tory MPs.

“They must decide whether to grow a backbone and get rid of Boris Johnson or be complicit in his abuse of power.

“Tory MPs across North Wales are doing their constituents a historic disservice by failing to call for Boris Johnson’s resignation, displaying their complete lack of a moral compass in the process.”


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Conservative MPs based in North Wales acknowledged the wrongdoing of Mr Johnson and others, but offered their support for the Prime Minister.

Virginia Crosbie, MP for Ynys Môn, said: “The Prime Minister has my full support.

“I am unhappy about what happened in Downing Street but much has changed in how it operates since these events and I do feel the Prime Minister has explained, taken full responsibility and apologised sincerely.

“The police investigation has ended. We have pressing issues in this country we need to now focus on.”

David Jones, MP for Clwyd West, added: “Sue Gray's report was detailed, but did not reveal any information that had not previously been covered in press reports.

“She is a highly regarded official, and her conclusions must be accepted.

“The report highlighted a number of regrettable episodes that should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.

“No 10 was clearly lacking in discipline at the relevant times, but that has now been addressed by the appointment of a new Chief of Staff, Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP, and a new deputy, David Canzini.

“The improvement is very clear to anyone who deals with No 10, as I frequently do.”

Robin Millar, Aberconwy MP, said: “Many of you will already know that I am very disappointed about what has happened.

“I know from the many conversations I have had with you on the doorsteps and the letters and emails you have sent me that many of you think the same.

“There is no way to undo the mistakes made or the hurt that has been caused.

“I can assure you I have spoken to the Prime Minister about these and taken your comments and experiences to him personally. I expect other MPs will have also done the same.

“As we all know, he has publicly accepted his responsibility for the culture that developed in No 10, he has apologised for what has happened and he has paid a personal fine for his own actions in breaching rules.

“I acknowledge that for some this will not be enough, that your trust has been broken and it cannot be repaired so quickly. I understand that and respect that view. I agree with you.

“However, I also have to consider what the country as a whole needs now in the face of rising costs of living and a precarious international situation.

“A leadership election and possibly even another general election would not help.

“There will come a time, but at the moment they would not undo the hurt done, they would not undo the mistakes made and they will not solve the real problems residents tell me they face day to day, right now.

“I think the responsible thing to do then is to continue to support this government and the Prime Minister in tackling these problems.

“The plans announced by the Chancellor will further help ease the rising cost of living. Here in Aberconwy, there is also much to do.

“I will continue to deliver on real results - plans for better connections for North Wales, working for better jobs in Aberconwy, support for our farmers, protection for the beautiful environment here, securing the heath care we need and deserve - and of course, bringing in investment in our important tourism businesses.”

James Davies, MP for Vale of Clwyd, added: "The report largely confirms what was already known: sadly, a small number of those who helped set the rules for the rest of us failed to observe those same rules themselves. 

"They may have worked very hard, for long hours and under extreme pressure. 

"They may also have worked in buildings that could not be easily adapted as COVID-safe workplaces. 

"However, the country never deserves – and particularly not through a crisis such as the pandemic – to be dictated to by people who think that rules do not apply to them, and behave as if they are superior to the population they serve.

"A number of events were investigated by Sue Gray and some of these are very difficult to justify. 

"In that respect, senior oversight of individuals within No 10 and the Cabinet Office was lacking. 

"This is very regrettable and the Prime Minister has apologised for his role in allowing such a situation to exist. 

"He has made significant changes to leadership roles accordingly.

"I was particularly incensed to learn of the way in which security and cleaning staff at No 10 report they were treated by some of those involved in the events. 

"I am aware that the PM has been apologising directly to those staff but I very much hope that those responsible face disciplinary action.

"It is clear from Sue Gray’s report and the Metropolitan Police investigation that despite widely-held perceptions, the PM’s personal attendance at events (many of which were little more than brief “thank yous” to departing staff) was not deemed improper by virtue of the fact that No 10 is his workplace and his home. 

"It was often how these events developed after his departure which was the key concern. 

"While the police judged it appropriate to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to both the PM and to the Chancellor over 20 minutes of sandwiches and cake between meetings on June 19 2020, the Gray report’s account of this event makes it clear that neither had been aware of the intentions for the event in advance. 

"Furthermore, the fact that it was reported upon routinely in The Times newspaper the following day indicates that there was no belief at the time that it had been inappropriate.

"The very existence of these investigations demonstrates that our democracy is one of the most open in the world. 

"I believe that contributes to it being one of the least corrupt in the world.  There is however a deficit of trust in our politicians. 

"This is not new but 'Partygate' and 'Beergate/Currygate' have exacerbated it. 

"They put across a misleading impression of the vast majority of our civil servants and politicians. 

"If we are to defend democracy and encourage the best into national leadership roles, it must be a priority for the Government to re-establish trust. 

"I have conveyed this message strongly to the Government whips.

"During the lockdowns, those who had good reason to attend a workplace in reality experienced a much greater degree of freedom than many others.  While it was acceptable and necessary for some 'business meetings' to take place, many were conversely unable to see loved ones who were ill, or attend funerals. 

"This disparity, combined with what we know about some of the indefensible behaviour in Whitehall, makes many people angry. 

"Having lost a relative to COVID, I understand that."

Rhun ap Iorwerth, Plaid Cymru MS for Ynys Môn, echoed Mr Williams’ sentiments that Mr Johnson should either resign or be forced out of office.

Mr ap Iorwerth said: “It beggars belief that the Prime Minister himself, at this most difficult of times for so many, was showing such scandalous disregard for the rules that he himself was responsible for.

“But of course, we’ve long known this, and this report simply paints an even more serious picture of what was going on.

“It goes without saying that it should be a resignation matter, but sadly we have a Prime Minister that doesn’t play by the rules we should expect of our leaders.

“If he won’t resign, Conservative MPs should sack him, unless they too also lack the necessary moral judgement.”

Sian Gwenllian, Plaid Cymru MS for Arfon, added: "For 168 days, Boris Johnson used Sue Gray’s report as a shield. 

"Picture after picture, message after message prove that this culture of exceptionalism was not only condoned but designed by this Prime Minister.

"Families across Arfon spent months longing for loved ones, with many losing family members in impossibly difficult circumstances.

"Those families deserve to see Tory MPs doing the right thing, growing a backbone and ousting this immoral Prime Minister."

Attempts were also made to contact the following:

• Gareth Davies, Conservative MS for Vale of Clwyd.

• Janet Finch-Saunders, Conservative MS for Aberconwy.

• Darren Millar, Conservative MS for Clwyd West.