Brits will enjoy the hottest days of the year so far over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend with mercury set to hit 22C this weekend.

Sunshine will hit the UK as people enjoy a four-day break from work with April 16 and April 17 set to be particularly warm.

Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said: "We'll see temperatures generally come up through the week. Today (Monday) we're seeing highs of 18, then from Thursday onwards temperatures could reach 20, 21, quite possibly 22.

"Across southern and eastern areas we're more likely to see some sunshine and clearer skies in the afternoon."

In its forecast, The Met Office said: "The southeast is likely to be dry and generally more settled, though perhaps rather cloudy, with mist and fog likely in the mornings and lighter winds through to the end of this period. Temperatures are expected to be above average, and warm at times for the south."

Temperatures ‘above average’ for Easter Bank Holiday weekend

Annie Shuttleworth said despite the heat, the North West will also experience some lingering cloud. It means those planning to travel this weekend should head to eastern areas if they want to see some sun over the Bank Holiday.

She said: "If people are travelling for sunshine, then further eastern areas are more likely to see that brighter weather.”

She added: "I think in the main for the bank holiday weekend, we'll see temperatures quite widely above average across the UK and hopefully they could be very warm in the South East in particular. Warmer than average certainly, but nowhere near heatwave criteria. It will definitely be warmer than the week we've just had and last week."