SIX firefighters and residents rescued a seagull dubbed “Gully” after it became entangled in netting on the roof of a Rhyl cinema

The netting at Rhyl’s Vue Cinema is there to stop birds nesting on the roof, but, on occasion, birds become ensnared.

After residents had noticed the bird was in distress, a fight to rescue it ensued.

Rhyl Journal: Gully stuck in the netting. Picture: Denise TheophilusGully stuck in the netting. Picture: Denise Theophilus

Residents were aided by a team of six firefighters who brought the injured bird, which had damaged its wing, to safety.

The rescued seagull, nicknamed “Gully”, was then given refuge by Kath Hutchison, who rehydrated the bird, treating it with antibiotics for a shallow cut on its beak.

Wildlife groups like the Foundation for Feathered Friends are against bird-deterrent netting on buildings, arguing that it causes significant harm to birds, particularly during nesting seasons when chicks are vulnerable to being trapped.

A Vue spokesperson said: “We are aware a seagull was caught in our roof over the weekend.

“As soon as we were alerted, we passed this on to the council who are responsible for the roof and associated nets.”

Rhyl Journal: Gully having been rescued, and under the protection of a blanket. Picture: Denise TheophilusGully having been rescued, and under the protection of a blanket. Picture: Denise Theophilus

The responsibility for the netting falls on Denbighshire County Council.

A spokesperson said: “We were advised that a seagull had become trapped in the netting at the weekend due to suspected damage to the net.

“The netting is installed to protect the roof covering and installations that are needed to be housed on the roof of the building.

“We are liaising with the cinema to ensure that the process for out of hours emergency calls is clear and that in future suitably qualified contractors can be sent in future if needed.

“The Council is also putting in place a process to ensure inspections are carried out prior to the nesting season to make sure the risk of recurrence to birds is greatly reduced.”

The Council have since said that despite the netting being put in as part of works commissioned by the cinema, they agreed to the netting and paid for it as they own the building.

Denbighshire County Council added that they are now in the process of removing the netting altogether.