A MYSTERIOUS ‘Mirror Man’ has appeared in Towyn and Kimnel Bay in the last few days, dressed head to toe in a reflective silver outfit.

Having taken over the streets of Towyn and Kimnel Bay, the Mirror Man (no connection to the Human League song, for those that remember) posed for pictures and those who approached him were received well.

The enigmatic character was the star of the Towyn Talk Facebook group, with various posts about his presence.

Yet one question remained unanswered – who is the man behind the mirror?

One group member compared the mystery to that of the Dark Knight, replying to a picture of the man saying: “Have you tried shining a letter 'M' in the sky like a Batman calling card?”

Another Towyn Talk member humorously speculated that it could be the return of pop star Michael Jackson, saying “It’s the man in the mirror himself” alongside a GIF of Michael Jackson dancing in the music video for Smooth Criminal.

Another commenter on a separate picture posted on the group page felt that this would only develop into a trend, and that they were “Sorry to say this but I'd like to see the Monkey man down here”.

Speculation persists that the appearance of the Mirror Man was merely a PR stunt on behalf of TKBVOICE, while nobody has come forward with information about the man’s identity.