VOLUNTEERS at Rhyl’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) station braced the water on a sunny Sunday (March 6) for its dip, having delaying it from Boxing Day due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The weather was excellent for the attendees, with bright sunshine and low wind, and was started at 12pm from a signal by Diane King, Rhyl mayor.

There were fewer entrants than previous years, but the event proved popular with people on the promenade, who were glad they were not braving the cold water.

This was the first event held under the control of the new Rhyl RNLI events committee, who liaised with coxswain Martin Jones and crew; Rhyl RNLI fundraisers and volunteers, including RNLI lifeguards.

Prizes were given by the mayor to the best fancy dress entrants, while many participants walked out right to the line of crew who were there to provide safety cover and a barrier, so that people did not venture too far out.

The event took place without incident, due mainly to the plans and precautions put in place by the new organisers.

Also present were the Rhyl RNLI water safety team and RNLI face-to-face teams, who were busy getting people to support the charity on a long-term basis.

Coxswain Martin Jones said: “This is the first public event held after COVID. I would like to thank all those involved from the RNLI, and to the entrants, for a very good and safe event.”

Further photos can be seen on Rhyl RNLI’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/rhylrnli.