Tripadvisor has just revealed its top 10 workshops that you need to try in 2022. 

The reviewing website has ranked some of the best classes and workshops in the UK to help you hone a new skill this year.

Whether you've set a New Years resolution to take up a new hobby or you're wanting to push past the January Blues with a thrilling challenge, we've got you. 

From life drawing to axe throwing, 2022 is the time to push your limits and leap out of your comfort zone.

Here are the top-rated classes and workshops as selected by a team of experienced experts at Tripadvisor.

Top 10 classes and workshops on Tripadvisor

1. Silver Ring Workshop

Rhyl Journal: Silver Ring Workshop. Credit: TripadvisorSilver Ring Workshop. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: Canterbury, Kent

How much: £67 per person

In just two-three hours you can make a piece of jewellery that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

This class will show you how to make your own ring from silver as you're guided through the pattern, texturing, forging and shaping stages. 

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2. Life Drawing Class

Rhyl Journal: Life Drawing Class. Credit: TripadvisorLife Drawing Class. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: Bristol

How much: £35 per person

Whether you love to sketch or you lean towards the stick man persuasion, 2022 is the time to brush up on your drawing skills. 

In this 90 minute session, an experienced artist will teach you how to capture a nude model on canvas. 

And while they can't promise to make a Van Gogh out of you, the class will give you a few giggles, maybe a new skill and even a good drink from its full bar service. 

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3. Axe Throwing Class

Rhyl Journal: An axe touching wood. Credit: CanvaAn axe touching wood. Credit: Canva

Where: Belfast

How much: £22 per person

Dare to be a bit more adventurous in 2022 by attending this axe throwing class.

Let off some steam, get the gang together and try something new in this heart-racing workshop.

Once you've covered the safety and basic techniques, you can move on to more hair-raising and tricky throws.

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4. Beginner's Surf Experience

Rhyl Journal: Beginner's Surf Experience. Credit: TripadvisorBeginner's Surf Experience. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: Newquay, Cornwall

How much: £35 per person

Whether you're looking for a new hobby or your New Year's resolution was to be more active, this surf experience might just tick all your boxes.

The 3-hour lesson includes a fun and active warm-up, golden beach safety rules and then out onto the waves with your experienced instructors.

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5. Kartel Scotland Watch Building Experience 

Rhyl Journal: Kartel Scotland Watch Building Experience. Credit: TripadvisorKartel Scotland Watch Building Experience. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: St. Andrews, Fife

How much: £155 per person

As 2022 ticks by, you can keep track of every passing moment once you have your own timepiece. 

Learn to build your own watch alongside the Scottish premium watch manufacturer - Kartel.

Discover its local manufacturing history before constructing your own with a personalised bespoke engraving. 

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6. Introduction to the potter's wheel

Rhyl Journal: Introduction to the potter's wheel. Credit: TripadvisorIntroduction to the potter's wheel. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: Ledbury, Herefordshire  

How much: £41 per person

Live out your 'Ghost' fantasies with this fun (if not a little messy) activity.

You can get creative with clay either by yourself, with your partner or even as a group in this enjoyable pottery class.

Learn from a step-by-step demo and then let fate take the wheel while you fashion your masterpiece.

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7. Ultimate Introduction to photography

Rhyl Journal: Ultimate Introduction to photography. Credit: TripadvisorUltimate Introduction to photography. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: Central London 

How much: £149 per person

Fancy yourself a dab-hand with the camera? Put your photography skills to the test with an ultimate intro to the art.

With 'in the field' tutorials, you can practise and experiment with your technique right in the heart of London.

You can hone up the skill too by discovering more about the technical side of photography including everything from the basics of ISO and aperture to shutter speeds and shooting modes.

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8. Outdoor Yoga Class

Rhyl Journal: Brighton Yoga Class. Credit: TripadvisorBrighton Yoga Class. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: Brighton, East Sussex

How much: £10 per person

See the Brighton Sea Front as you've never seen it before - from a downward-facing dog position in this yoga session. 

Bringing together the calming sea air and the zen of a yoga class, here's how you can become more mindful and healthy in 2022.

Rain or shine, these yoga sessions are run throughout the year and will surely blow the cobwebs away and get you in the zone.

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9. Rum Creation Session

Rhyl Journal: Rum Creation Session. Credit: TripadvisorRum Creation Session. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: Leeds, Yorkshire

How much: £100 per person

If you're taking part in Dry January - look away now because you won't be able to resist this Rum creation session.

Count down the days until dry January ends by looking forward to making your own Rum in the Liquor Studio.

Discover the booze's history and celebrate all it's given us with a delicious tasting session before heading to the blending room to make your own.

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10. Fused glass workshop

Rhyl Journal: Fused glass from workshop. Credit: TripadvisorFused glass from workshop. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: Braunton, Devon

How much: £60 per person

Try your hand at something new this year by learning the art of glass fusing. 

Discover the process behind the stunning designs by learning how to cut straight lines and curves in glass yourself. 

Pick from a number of templates and even create your very own design that you can treasure long after the class.

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