PRESTATYN Business Forum has shared some snaps from its 2022 risqué calendar, which has been made in aid of one of its environmental projects.

The ‘Whale Tails’ project was drawn up several years ago, which would see six 2.4m-high whale tail sculptures, acting as recycling bins and made of weathering steel, placed along the town's promenade.

This is the second successive year that the group has created its own risqué calendar to raise funds for the project.

The location for January’s snap was hair salon Katie Walsh Hair on Prestatyn High Street, with Sally Smart, secretary of the forum, saying: “Katie helped with last year’s calendar and was such a good sport getting her staff involved this year.

“This was one of the trickiest shoots as there were so many mirrors, but Katie and her team were fantastic and have such positive body images - an absolute credit to them all.”

March’s shot is based just down the road, in the kitchen of the South American restaurant Patagonia Welsh Roots.

Sally, who owns Blue Bug Photography and shot the calendar pictures herself, added: “Once again, Patagonia Welsh Roots on Prestatyn High Street braved all, including hot flames, for March!

“Last year, they were involved, and this year, the chefs did their bit. This was one of the funniest shoots as the innuendos regarding meat and choppers kept us all smiling; fantastic sports!”

A new addition to the calendar this year came from fellow Prestatyn High Street restaurateurs at Four Seasons Cafe and Bistro, who grace June’s page.

“These guys are newcomers to our High Street and got fully involved,” Sally said.

“Plamen, the owner, was great fun showing off his meat feast!”

Meanwhile, despite gracing the summer month of July, the shot involving representatives of Prestatyn Golf Club was, Sally said, the “coldest” shoot for the entire calendar.

She said: “July was our coldest shoot and I have never seen a bunch of men get naked so fast!

“The guys from Prestatyn Golf Club joined in the fun at sunset and we were running out of light, so it was kit off and shot taken within about a minute. It was a whirlwind of fun!”

And for September, the theme was for a bright beach shot, with the help of Central Beach Club.

Sally said: “Gav from Central Beach Club was a huge supporter of last year's calendar and jumped at the chance of joining in again this year.

“He pulled out all the stops for a bright beach-themed shoot with inflatables everywhere! If you look carefully, you may see the "Free Willy" sign...”

Last month, Sally told the Journal that, funding for the ‘Whale Tails’ project had proved increasingly hard to come by, particularly once the COVID-19 pandemic began.

And after losing much of her own photography work, she was inspired to do something a little more left-field to raise funds for the project, and so the risqué calendar was created.

She said: “I had lost 95 per cent of my photography work during 2020, so a friend suggested I shoot and make a calendar.

“With me being me, I couldn’t make a standard calendar, it needed to be something a little different… a naked calendar!

“The calendar is not for the faint-hearted, but I can’t thank those involved enough for being so brave for such a worthy cause.”

This year’s full list of brave participants are from the following businesses:

• Central Beach Club

• Katie Walsh Hair

• North Wales Seal Research Organisation

• Patagonia Welsh Roots

• North Wales Roller Derby

• The Four Seasons Café

• Prestatyn Golf Club

• The Beaches Hotel

• Miss Mermaid Wales

• The Little Cheesemonger

• Tudor House Café

The calendars are on sale in the places listed above or can be purchased directly from the Prestatyn Business Forum by emailing