Amazon's Delivery Station in Deeside shows the company's progress to becoming more sustainable.

The building was the first in the UK to be designed specifically for the needs of an Amazon Delivery Station and is designed to be eco-friendly, while giving room for more development in the future.

The station currently operates dozens of electric vans which are used for the deliveries of shipments to the customers doorsteps. They are used in the local area surrounding Deeside with the goal of getting more vans on the road, and getting the technology to get the vans to run further

Nick Liptrot, who is the Senior Delivery Station Manager at Deeside, explained that the current difficulties include North Wales being very hilly, meaning that the vans use more electricity on top of the weather being cold and so they are also using heating. It is however small problems that Nick is confident will be beaten with time.

The car park at Deeside is designed for charging points for the vans and average vans, but there is room for more electric vehicles.

Nick said: "It's built for more. Its all set up ready for the hard cables. It’ll all be electric vehicles at some point, its just waiting for that period of the stuff coming in.

"As quick as it comes in the amount of stations we have they're just trying to spread it out across everywhere."

They are also aiming to beat European laws on carbon neutrality by ten years.

It is just a case of getting the technology to do so.

Nick added: “There's a limit to the technology but they'll overcome it.”