UNDERAGE drinkers are said to have been responsible for an increase in crime and disorder in parts of North Wales.

Now, police have warned adults who buy alcohol for youngsters that they could face court action.

Sabrina Illman-Roberts, a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) in Denbighshire and Abergele Coastal Area, has posted an alert about the dangers of buying or attempting to buy alcohol for anyone younger than 18.

She said: “Unfortunately, we are dealing with an increasing number of incidents involving young people aged 13-17 who are intoxicated.

“Drinking so young does not only have serious health implications but also leads to a rise in crime and disorder in the area.”

The officer also pointed out that young people can become victims of child criminal exploitation and sexual exploitation in order to fund their intake.

She added: “We are working closely alongside the licensing department, with off-licences, supermarkets and pubs doing test purchasing and education.

“However, we believe that these young people may be asking adults to buy the alcohol for them.”

Anyone approached to buy for those younger than 18 is urged to refuse.

She added: “Not only are you putting the young person at risk, but you are also facing a fine or date with the courts.”