Amazon's Career Choice programme gives employees a unique opportunities for future careers.

Many courses are offered in almost any field, as long as the course is nationally recognised.

The most popular course in the Career's Choice Programme is the HGV driver training. In May, Amazon reported that over 400 employees nationwide were taking the course.

Employees do a years’ service with Amazon and then can essentially apply for any course that is recognised even if it nothing to do with what they are doing a the moment. The company will pay 95% of costs up to £8,000 over four years.

The courses are also completed during work hours rather than in the employees own time, so employees will have timetabled hours dedicated to learning while completing a course.

Amazon announced earlier this year that it is investing £10 million over three years in Career Choice to train up to 5,000 employees in new skills to meet the UK’s future employment needs outside of Amazon.

According to Amazon, more than 50,000 employees around the globe have participated in Career Choice to pursue their career goals.

Nick Liptrot who is the Senior Delivery Station Manager at the Deeside Delivery Station said that a friend of his did the HGV course and after the finished it he was able to move on to a different career outside of Amazon.

He said: "What other company trains people up, pays for it and then lets you go away and do something different that you want to do? It's interesting.

"Not specific to this station (Deeside), but I have worked in a number of stations, it's great that we can offer it (and) one that sticks in my mind is somebody wanted to learn French because they were going over to live in France and they were put on our French courses available and while working for Amazon (they) learned to speak French before they went over to France.

“If people leave when they’ve trained we don’t ask for reimbursement. Its investment from Amazon; they want to look after the team and they get a lot of students, a lot of people finishing degrees.”