A MAN with connections to North Wales and who previously lived in Denbighshire has released a book based on the events of the 1919 Kinmel Camp riots.

Robert James Bridge, who was once a resident of Bodelwyddan and whose has residents living in Conwy and previously in Abergele, has written ‘Kinmel Revisited’, based on the two-day riots.

On March 4-5 1919, Kinmel Park in Bodelwyddan saw riots among the Canadian sector of Kinmel Camp military complex, thought to have been caused by delays in repatriation and by the Canadian soldier's resentment at being used by their British officers as forced labour.

In 1990, Mr Bridge and his wife, Lilian, retired and moved closer to their parents in Abergele.

After purchasing and renovating an old Victorian house, they found an old box containing manuscripts that were damp and almost unreadable, but they were able to make out the words ‘Kinmel Revisited’.

Mr Bridge said he and his wife came across this story while visiting the Church of St Margaret’s in Bodelwyddan some years ago.

Mr Bridge, who now lives in Southend-on-Sea, said: “As we stood among the many servicemen and women, the five graves with the Maple Leaf emblem on them made me wonder how those young men died, until the vicar relayed the story to us and I knew one day I would write my book.

“The story unfolds at a time when the Brits were unable to supply the ships to take our allies home, after fighting to give us the freedom we enjoy today.

“Kinmel Camp was and is still located adjacent to the village of Bodelwyddan, which in those days was on the front of almost every tabloid newspaper.

“The camp was said to be cold and damp, and a flu epidemic swept the camp.

“Lack of pay and the news the American soldiers had been sent home incited the men to riot, and during the riot, five young men died of bayonet and bullet (wounds), and are today buried locally.

“My book is written as fiction around the true story, using fictional characters to avoid conflict with living relatives, but it did happen and is a part of history almost forgotten.”

To purchase ‘Kinmel Revisited’, visit: www.amazon.co.uk/Kinmel-Revisited-Robert-James-Bridges/dp/1952894360.