MORE than 4,600 new cases of coronavirus have been identified in Wales on the day more new measures were confirmed.

In the latest update from Public Health Wales, it was reported that there had been 4,662 new positive tests in the latest 24-hour period.

Sadly, a further three deaths of people who had tested positive for coronavirus were also reported.

Of these new cases, 831 were in North Wales - the region covered by the Betsi Cadwalader University Health Board.

Every county in North Wales had more than 100 new cases.

They can be broken down to:

  • Flintshire 197
  • Gwynedd 163
  • Anglesey 130
  • Denbighshire 117
  • Conwy 115
  • Wrexham 109

The average infection rate in Wales as a whole is currently 609.7 per 100,000 people in Wales.

Only Conwy and Gwynedd have rates below the national average.

Anglesey has the highest rate in all of Wales.

Infection rates per 100k:

  • Anglesey 830.9
  • Flintshire 695.7
  • Denbighshire 648.9
  • Wrexham 617.1
  • Gwynedd 574.8
  • Conwy 535.0

The latest figures come as Wales is set to introduce new Covid restrictions from Boxing Day.

Defending the announcement on Wednesday, First Minister Mark Drakeford said Wales should not feel hard done by in the face of stricter measures that England.

"Everything is being done on their behalf to keep them safe," he said.

"The decisions are difficult and sometimes not popular.

"There is a real contrast with the paralysis of the UK Government, simply unable to act.

"The Prime Minister said that he was doing nothing despite the situation being urgent.

"We will take those actions. I think the people in Wales will appreciate that."

He added that he could not rule out more measures in January.

"It depends on how successful these measures will be," he said.

"If they are, we will not introduce any more restrictions than are necessary.

"If they have the intended effect it mitigates the risk of doing more.

"If we need to do more, the Welsh Government will not stand back. We never have."