A CURSED book that claims the lives of those who claim it at a Prestatyn charity shop is at the centre of a new Christmas tale.

Mark Holland, co-director of Three Chimneys Entertainment, has filmed and produced the film Out Of Sight with a budget of just £300.

The film focuses on an ancient book inhabited by a ghost who sucks greedy and arrogant people into it and then mysteriously returns to the antique shop as it always does to wait for the next unsuspecting person to take it.

Mark came up with the idea for a ghost film during Halloween, but in the great tradition of MR James and Charles Dickens, decided a Christmas ghost story would be more suitable.

Thirteen people have been involved in the production process while there are five actors, including Partners in Crime and Diana and I actress Gemma Lawman, whose father’s Prestatyn High Street shop, Presents with a Difference, features in the film.


“Without any one of them it would not have happened,” said Mr Holland.

“This goes to show all the hard work that the never seen crew do in order to make just a short 20-minute film.

“We hope the film will inspire people to make their own films and, in these modern times, you can make one on your phone; just go out, have some fun and let your imagination run wild.”

Mr Holland started out as a child actor in TV in South Africa in the 70s, and upon returning to the UK with his family he started drama and dance lessons.

He was persuaded to get a ‘proper job’ and left his passion for a number of years, until in 2013 he took part in a British version of the American show ‘Pawn Stars’, when his “spark” for filming returned. He now acts, produces and directs film, TV and theatre.

“I love scary movies and as Halloween was approaching we came up with the idea for a ghost film but as time went on it became bigger so we decided it would be a Christmas Ghost Story suitable for any age and so our writer Mark Prescott wrote more scenes and we started production,” he said.

“Prestatyn is a great town and base for any location you could imagine for filming as there is such diverse scenery within a short traveling distance.

“I have worked on many filming projects in Prestatyn and around North Wales, it has always been a great experience with a warm welcome.”

The film will be free to view from 4.30pm on Christmas Eve via the Three Chimneys Entertainment Facebook page.