Denbighshire County Council will next week discuss the prospect of building a new high school in Prestatyn.

Cllr Paul Penlington has put forward a motion to discuss applying for a new funding pot to rebuild or renovate Prestatyn High School, following claims the school was in disrepair.

If the funding is granted, Cllr Penlington says the Welsh Government’s Mutual Investment Model could enable Denbighshire to seek as much as £25m to rebuild or renovate the school, which educates over 1,400 pupils.

The motion follows councillor and parent claims the school buildings are leaking, crumbling and lacking basic amenities such as lifts. One school visitor even complained a disabled person had resorted to ‘bum shuffling’ down the school’s stairs.

The claims sparked a row between Cllr Penlington and cabinet member for education Cllr Huw Hilditch-Roberts, who said Cllr Penlington hadn’t visited the school in years.

Denbighshire County Council says it is currently working with the Welsh Government’s 21st Century School programme, which has already secured around £95m towards improving schools in the county.

While that funding is set to continue up to 2024, Prestatyn High is yet to be included in any certain plans, casting doubt in the minds of some about available funds.

Proposing the motion, Cllr Penlington said: “Unless Denbighshire County Council have enormous reserves I’m unaware of, we are now left with one option to fund a new school in Prestatyn.

“Any future funding bids to Welsh Government now need to use the Mutual Investment Model, using revenue funding. That is the only Government funding stream available for new schools now.”

Speaking last month on the matter, Denbighshire’s cabinet member for education Cllr Huw Hilditch-Roberts said: “As a council we have invested significant resources to ensure an excellent educational setting at Prestatyn High School.

“The council has worked with the Welsh Government to secure £95 million of school refurbishments and new builds throughout the county under the 21st century school programme.

“The council’s strategic outline programme for school refurbishment submitted in 2017 to Welsh Government highlighted the need to invest in Prestatyn in future bands of funding.”