EMMERDALE star Danny Miller opened up about starting a new chapter in his life, spreading his wings and why he has a soft spot for Abergele, Rhyl and Towyn.

The first-time father, who is heading into the I'm A Celebrity castle, revealed during a round-table interview with the press that he is leaving Emmerdale; Danny has played Aaron Dingle on and off for 13 years.

"Life goes really quickly when you are in a soap," Danny said.

"13 years ago I started as Aaron and I've grown up with him. I feel very protective of him and I think it is time for him to start a new life if you like.

"We work Monday to Friday 7am until 7pm so for me, having a new baby, as a lot of people there, cast that have kids know, it is difficult to spend much time - you don't get a lot of time off. For me it was a decision about being able to sort of being in a luxurious position of picking and choosing the times of when I am working. Obviously when you are in a contract in a fantastic show like Emmerdale and you are kind in the hands of the storyline.

"When this opportunity came up again this year I decided I was going to grab it with both hands and then obviously we found out that we were pregnant which kind of made me re-think the situation but Steph, my fiancee, has just been amazing. She said 'look, I want you to do it. I will look after the baby - I've got my parents and your parents around me.'

"I think it is important to say I feel very lucky and privileged that I am one of the 12 people picked to experience this this year."

Danny, 30, whose newborn son's name is Albert, said that the show being in Wales at Gwrych Castle, rather than Australia, was a "massive blessing in disguise."

"It meant that Steph could come with us," Danny said.

"[Isolating] has really been like a holiday for us, a baby moon, because we have had all the opportunities to establish breast feeding, bond with the baby and skin to skin without anyone knocking on the door. I've bonded with the baby like I never thought I would."

Danny owns a caravan in Abergele and the actor was spotted in Rhos-on-Sea last year.

Asked by Journal coast chief reporter Suzanne Kendrick what he likes about this part of the world, Danny replied: "Well we come from a family... it is not working class by any means but it is not upper class and we have a massive family from all walks of life. We used to holiday here every year, from going to Butlins to Pontins to caravan parks.

"We always came here and my mum bought a caravan in Abergele nearly four years ago and I just fell in love with Abergele, Rhyl and Towyn and all those areas and got to know the locals and felt a part of the community so much so that I thought, 'well I am here all the time anyway, I'm going to buy my own [caravan]'.

"I bought a caravan in Abergele - it has been the best thing I've ever bought.

"You can have all your Marbella villas and stuff and that would be amazing but for me, an hour and 10 minute drive door-to-door, and how beautiful and friendly the Welsh community is, it is getting a holiday every week."

I’m A Celebrity starts on ITV on November 21 at 9pm.