I'M A CELEBRITY campmate Richard Madeley may run a book club with his wife Judy but hasn't done any reading up on the castle!

The TV Presenter and Journalist, who describes himself as a "news junkie", told Suzanne Kendrick, chief reporter for coastal titles, that he is going on what he saw last year and is venturing into Gwrych Castle with no expectations.

He said: "I think last year the decision to do it from the castle in Wales was quite a late decision by ITV. They didn't actually have that much time but I think they did incredibly well as a production to get it up and running and it was a big success. This time, they have had a lot more time to prepare for it and everything that I have heard a) there is a lot more that we will be doing and I think they way that we have to get into the castle, which I don't know what it is going to be, everyone will see on Sunday night, is a lot more dramatic.

"Last year they did a bit of abseiling, whatever we have to do this year is going to be a lot more dramatic than that."

Richard admitted that he is uncomfortable with heights, and he is unsure how he will feel if he is tasked with walking across a plank "very high up".

He added: "The only thing I'm dreading to be honest is... I don't have any particular phobias, it is not that I love spiders and snakes, I can very happily not share a space with them, but I am not that comfortable with heights. I never have been, ever since I was a kid.

"I remember when I was about eight we went to St Paul's Cathedral and we were up in The Whispering Gallery which is about half way up the dome and I just froze. Completely froze and I had to be carried out and carried down the stairs. It is not that bad now, I don't have vertigo, but I don't like heights. I am not comfortable with heights.

"Part of me is dreading doing a challenge, or something that either in the castle or getting in the castle, that is to do with great heights. But also, this is one of the reasons I am doing it, I almost want it to be something to do with a tremendous height as it will make me face up to it.

"If I can do whatever I've got to do that involves a height, and do it successfully, I will feel so much better about that part of myself. I will be 'you know what, you took that one and you dealt with it'."

I’m A Celebrity starts on ITV on November 21 at 9pm.