HAVE you ever wondered what happens to bees in the winter?

If so, people will be buzzing for a forthcoming event.

Farming Connect has organised a webinar entitled 'what do honey bees do in the winter?'.

This event, which is free of charge, will be between 8 and 9pm on Wednesday, November 3.

Speakers at the webinar will be Lynfa Davies and Jessica Williams.

Interested parties will get the chance to join Lynfa Davies for a discussion on what the bees are doing over the winter and what the beekeeper should be doing.

People will be able to take along any questions they may have on management issues or interesting observations they have encountered over the summer, or maybe some questions on how to prepare for next year's season.

This webinar will be held through a Zoom meeting and anyone interested in taking part must register their interest by 3pm on November 3.

Visit the Farming Connect website for further information and details on how to register for the webinar.