FLINT rescue team volunteers were called to an incident on Talacre beach.

Flint Coastguard Rescue Team were tasked with colleagues from Rhyl to reports of a female stuck in the mud with an incoming tide at around 1.20pm on October 13.

A spokesman confirmed that the woman was located and two mud technicians from Flint and Rhyl CRT were deployed onto the mud.

The woman was 'successfully extracted' and brought to safety by shore-side operators.

A spokesman said: "Although muddy and wet, no further casualty care needed. Holyhead MRCC updated and as a result were happy for both teams to stand down and return to stations."

The team has issued the following advice for anyone who finds themselves stuck in mud:

Stay calm

Avoid moving too much

Spread your weight

Call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Discourage others from trying to rescue you as they may get stuck also