RESIDENTS of Abergele and further afield have been creating a huge felt poppy display as a symbol of remembrance to be displayed in an interior tower in Gwrych Castle.

The display is the work of the team at Gwrych Castle in Abergele and volunteers from the area, and has realised their vision to create a lasting memorial, which will also support the British Legion.

Bev Baker, founder trustee at Gwyrch Castle Preservation Trust, helped lead the project and said: “Remembering the fallen, those lost in all circumstances and, more recently, COVID, I've been inspired to work on a poppy cascade at the castle, which is a lasting memorial.

“It is also remembering the Jewish refugees from Operation Kindertransport (Children’s Transport) during World War Two who lived at the castle, losing all of their families and friends in Europe.

“It will be doubling in size over the winter and is going to be a lasting memorial in a restored tower at Gwrych Castle in 2022.

“It's fitting in terms of the work currently underway to reconstruct the destruction which has happened at Gwrych Castle over the last few decades.

“The poppy to me is a symbol of hope, remembrance and respect. We owe much to those who have done so much for our future, we must never forget.

“Beryl Walton, my marvellous assembly manager for the project, and a dedicated team of volunteers, have created individual poppies and each and every one has a meaning to the maker; absolutely marvellous teamwork in every respect.

“The British Legion will benefit from the project and I look forward to more similar projects with outreach to local schools from Gwrych Castle, giving younger people an understanding of heritage and the value of treasuring those we have lost, while remembering the past.”