A DISTRAUGHT family is desperately appealing for any information on their missing therapy dog.

Buddy, a male pug fawn, escaped from a home on Sandringham Avenue, Rhyl, on Tuesday, October 5.

He is microchipped and is described by his family as having a 'goofy jaw'. He also bends his front leg when sitting down.

Buddy provides much comfort to James Reece, 12, who is autistic.

He has been left incredibly upset since Buddy went missing.

Mum Sarah said: "Buddy means the world to all of us as a family. Buddy helps keep James calm and his anxiety levels low. He gives comfort to James and helps him sleep and makes James feel safe. He makes James feel like he can cope better with his autism.

"He is his best friend and they have been together since buddy was eight-weeks- old.

"He is heartbroken, we all are as a family."

Buddy escaped out of the garden

Sarah added: "We are desperate to find Buddy. We need him home ASAP.

"My son is distraught, we all are as a family and we won’t rest until he is home. Buddy is his therapy dog. 

"James has looked all night. He was looking until 3am on Tuesday and then was out at the crack of dawn again on Wednesday, October 6.

"He is desperate. He can’t sleep eat or settle without Buddy.

"He makes James's life settled as he has high functioning anxiety."

Anyone who sees Buddy are asked not to chase, call or grab him but to telephone 07503279175. Readers can also phone DogLost 0844 800 3220.