A MEETING to discuss possible ways to improve Coronation Gardens in Prestatyn will be held later this month.

Residents will be invited to air their views on what could be done to enhance the gardens at the meeting, which take place in the park itself on Saturday, October 30 between 11am and 12pm.

A questionnaire has also been prepared for people to fill in, with a range of potential improvements listed.

Spearheading the campaign to raise the image of Coronation Gardens is Sherry Edwards, formerly a member of Prestatyn Town Council and current secretary of Friends of Prestatyn Railway Station.

Sherry said: “We’re having it in the park because that gives the people an idea (of the problem).

“We litter pick there every Sunday morning and it’s often a mess. That area is absolutely crying out for something to be done to it; there are so many different things we could do there.

“About 50 per cent of the children’s play area isn’t used at all. They could put a hopscotch down, or an outdoor gym for people to take exercise, just to make the park a focal point like they do in other places.

“We’re going to put posters around town and put the questionnaire in key areas – schools, libraries, etc., so people who don’t want to come to the meeting can still have their say.

“What we’re looking for is partnership work. A voluntary group can bring up massive amounts of funding that councils just don’t have access to.

“There could be things that a voluntary group won’t be able to do, but that a council might be able to do working in partnership (with them).

“I would love to set up a friends’ group for Coronation Gardens, and apart from anything else, the survey would give the new group a flying start when looking for funding.”

Coronation Gardens was developed in 1911 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Mary and George V.

Questionnaires are presently available in Prestatyn Library, Prestatyn Town Council offices and the Pop In Centre on Meliden Road, or alternatively there is an online survey at the following link: www.surveymonkey.com/r/NG2YCX6.

For more details, contact Sherry via email at: edwards737@hotmail.com.