UK drivers have been issued an urgent warning over keeping jerry cans filled with petrol in their car.

The warning comes as drivers have taken to filling jerry cans and, in some cases, water bottles, amid the ongoing fuel crisis which has seen queues at forecourts across the country.

Many firms have had to issue notices saying they have run out of fuel as drivers struggle to fill their cars amid panic buying of petrol and diesel.

Companies have said they “expect demand will return to normal in the coming days".

Safety warning to drivers amid UK fuel crisis

Scenes of panic buying up and down the country has led to a retired firefighter sharing a warning with motorists.

Former London Fire Brigade Commander Steve Dudeney has taken to social media to warn of the dangers of carrying fuel in the boot of your car.

Steve, who now works as a fire and resilience consultant, said: "This is a photo from an incident I attended 12 years ago.

"The man driving the car had filled some petrol containers up and placed them in the boot.

"The escaping petrol vapour met an ignition source in his car, this was the result. Panic buyers beware!!”

He added: "He was still alive but badly burned when I arrived, airlifted to a burns unit, I never heard if he survived.”

Fuel industry issue statement to UK drivers amid the ongoing fuel crisis.

In joint statement issued from UK firms including BP, Shell and Esso, industry experts said that demand will return to normal “in the coming days”.

It read: "There is plenty of fuel at UK refineries and terminals, and as an industry we are working closely with the government to help ensure fuel is available to be delivered to stations across the country.

"As many cars are now holding more fuel than usual, we expect that demand will return to its normal levels in the coming days, easing pressures on fuel station forecourts.

"We would encourage everyone to buy fuel as they usually would.

"We remain enormously grateful to all forecourt staff and HGV drivers for working tirelessly to maintain supplies during this time."