A POLITICIAN is calling for the establishment of a 24/7 veterans crisis line in Wales.

Darren Millar, Clwyd West MS and Chair of the Cross Party Group on the Armed Forces, raised the matter during last week's Business Statement in the Welsh Parliament.

He stressed that many veterans across Wales had been affected by recent events in Afghanistan.

He added that people could contact Veterans NHS Wales service during working hours but there was no provision for them outside these hours.

He said: "The events that we saw unfold in Afghanistan over the summer left everybody shocked and appalled with the scenes that unfolded. One of the groups of people in Wales who were particularly affected by those scenes were veterans in this country, many of whom have served in the military in Afghanistan.

"Can I call for a statement on support for those veterans? Because one of the things that has been raised with me by veterans is the need for a 24/7 crisis line for those who find themselves in difficulty when the current Veterans' NHS Wales service, which is just available during normal working hours, isn't there.

"It would be great if the service in Wales could be extended so that there is a telephone service available for those veterans in need that plugs them straight into our Veterans' NHS Wales service.”

Mr Millar was told that the extension of the current 24/7 support line will be considered.