A GRANDMOTHER who scooped a staggering £3.8million in the National Lottery has relived the moment she became a multi-millionaire.

Diane Bate, 70, of Rhyl, who was named the Lotto draw winner in December last year, has spoken out for the first time since her amazing luck and her winner call has been revealed.

Diane, who is married to Michael, said she "couldn’t believe her eyes" when so many zeros flashed up on her National Lottery app.

She said: "Since the win, we’ve moved to a beautiful new house, something we’d always wanted to do but thought was out of our reach.

“This really is ‘dream come true’ money. An amazing holiday was always top of the shopping list too but due to the pandemic we haven’t been able to do very much.

“We cannot wait to visit our daughter in Australia. As soon as restrictions lift, that’s first on our list – and we may even upgrade to business class. We would also love to go back to America when it’s safe to do so as we’ve been there 15 times before and we absolutely love it.

“Winning The National Lottery hasn’t changed us as people but we can certainly enjoy life more now and treat our family more than we could ever do before.

"It is the most incredible feeling ever."

The former Social Services worker's telephone conversation has been released alongside new research published by The National Lottery which shows how Brits are most likely to react following their life-changing moment.

Diane said she spent the rest of the day in a complete daze but she isn't alone in her reaction.

The research reveals almost one fifth of people (18 per cent) would sit in silence if they won, while 35 per cent would first kiss their partner and 32 per cent would jump up and down in celebration. Listen to the call at www.rhyljournal.co.uk

The nationwide poll of 1,500 people, conducted by The National Lottery, also revealed that 27 per cent of people would call their mum to share the good news and 28 per cent are more likely to burst into tears.

Camelot’s Andy Carter, Senior Winners Advisor at The National Lottery, said: "Unsurprisingly, we get to see a lot of happy people in our job but their reactions certainly differ. Some people feel sick, some people jump up and down, some people are having a party when we arrive, others haven't told a single soul - I've even had people fainting.

“I’ve been there with winners when they reveal to family and friends that they’ve won. That's lovely as it’s a very private moment for them and you can see the genuine shock and delight on people’s faces.

“Winners tell me their emotions aren’t anything like they thought - I suppose you never know how you will react until you have to make that amazing call to Camelot. And who knows, the massive EuroMillions jackpot of £111million this Friday could provoke even more extreme emotions if a UK player were to win.”