A COUPLE who found each other at the North Wales castle during the height of the Second World War have shared their incredible love story.

Posting the story to the Gwyrch Castle Facebook page on Sunday, the team share the story of childhood sweethearts Herthel and Gerhard.

The pair were part of a group of 200 or so Jewish child refugees that came over separately from different parts of Germany just before the war as part of the Kindertransport programme and they both lived at the castle.

Herthel came from the city of Leipzig whilst Gerhard hailed from Breslau.

The couple, aged 14, met at the castle near Abergele – and as they say the rest is history.

Rhyl Journal: Sweethearts Herthel and Gerhard share a special connection with Gwyrch Castle. [Images: Gwyrch Castle Trust / Facebook]

Sweethearts Herthel and Gerhard share a special connection with Gwyrch Castle. [Images: Gwyrch Castle Trust / Facebook]

Recounting the story via Facebook, a castle spokesman writes: “They always described it as the most wonderful time.

"They stayed for two years and were looked after by a group of older Jewish men and women until they left and started new lives in London.

“Having met at the castle, theirs was a real love story. They went out for another seven years and then got married at the age of 21 and had two sons.

“They went back to visit the castle and took photos as they always remember it fondly. They'd lost almost all of their family in the Holocaust so the time at the castle was a time when they could still be children again after their lives were disrupted by war.”

A family member had shared some brilliant snaps they took when revisiting the castle in 1949 – four years on from the end of the Second World War - that had been revived into full colour thanks to a volunteer at the Trust.

Gwrych Castle more notably came into the national spotlight as it played host to ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!’ in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions meaning the show’s usual sunny set of Australian jungle was out of bounds for the TV cast and crew.

The structure will once again play host when the ITV reality show welcomes a new host of celebrity campers later this year when the series returns show in late 2021.

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