A TATTOO studio in Rhyl is hosting a charity day for Mind.

As part of the event, Sacrament Tattoo Collective will be inking customers with mental health themed tattoos.

All proceeds from the day will be donated to the mental health charity.

Chadley Jones, owner of the studio, said: “We have done many charity days in the past but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we haven’t been able to do one for around two years.

“We chose Mind because we have a lot of customers from varied backgrounds with a plethora of life stories and many have been touched by mental illness, also, between all of the staff, all have themselves been affected by mental illness, whether that be personally or friends and family.

“We have also seen a rises in suicides due to people feeling more isolated and how people’s mental health in general has been even more affected due to isolation and lockdown.”

Sacrament Tattoo Collective is offering about 10 designs to customers - ranging from the green ribbon [the international symbol for mental health awareness] to Semicolons and other more artistic designs.

Chadley, who is married to Alexandra - who is training to be a mental health nurse, added: “The amount of support we have received has been incredible.

“It makes us happy on a personal level to have that much support and also ecstatic that we live and work in such a wonderful supportive community.”

Sacrament Tattoo Collective opened in 2005.

Chadley’s father [Mark Jones] opened it and in 2015, he moved to open a shop in Benidorm and left this shop to Chadley.

“The pandemic was tough for everyone,” Chadley said.

“I was very lucky financially with grants from the government helping cover any costs, and since re opening we have been lucky to be very busy.

“Mentally the pandemic has been tough. We had periods where the staff didn’t see each other for months at a time and that was a struggle for everyone because we are all very close. Group chats really helped with that because we were all checking on each other on a regular basis.

“I think tattoos can really help people with their mental health because there is a sense of being able to take control of something in your life. Mental health can many times feel like you have a total loss of control in your life, like you’re sky diving without a parachute, decorating your own skin gives you a kind of autonomy over you body which not a lot else can do.”

There will be three artists on the day.

Sacrament Tattoo Collective is fully booked for their charity day but other activities are running on the day.

Chadley said: "We will have cupcakes available for donation. A friend of the shop Becky Roberts will be selling hand made crocheted mental health ribbons. We will also have child stick-on tattoos for anyone with kids.

"We will have hot and cold drinks available and just a nice warm atmosphere for people that want to pop in and leave a donation in the bucket.

"People can come in anytime up to and including the day to drop a donation in the bucket."

The event will take place on October 1.