A CONSERVATION group is sadly receiving a number of calls regarding deceased grey seal pups on North Wales beaches.

North Wales Seal Research Organisation (NWSRO) received reports relating to one deceased seal pup on Anglesey, one in Conwy and Flintshire.

Gem Simmons, NWSRO director, said: "Seals are very susceptible to disturbance and should never be approached if at all possible. We have a lot of disturbance issues the past few years but particularly after covid.

"There is a relatively high rate of natural mortality in grey seal pups however, I would say that the season has started early this year.

"It is important that we track both living sightings, rescues and deceased findings in order to aid conservation.

Rhyl Journal: Generic picture of a grey seal. Picture: PixabayGeneric picture of a grey seal. Picture: Pixabay

"With the deceased sightings we have been able to establish a baseline dataset in previous years allowing us to have a rough idea of their normal mortality then we will know over the years whether this increases or decreases."

Anyone who sees a dead grey seal pup on a North Wales beach is asked to share the location with NWSRO.

People are only advised to take photos if they are close enough to do so, but the animal should not be touched. Dogs should be kept away from the body.

Information sent to NWSRO will be added to their database and shared with the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP).

NWSRO is an evidence based conservation organisation formed by a group of passionate volunteers who aim to protect and conserve seals in North Wales. The team collect data and highlight threats faced.

To report a sighting or donate visit www.nwsro.org