IT has been the question on Wrexham residents' minds this week – who is behind the massive Hollywood-style sign added to the town's skyline?

The giant white letters, measuring in total six metres high by 40 metres wide, first appeared on Sunday afternoon, August 15, overlooking the A483 in Rhostyllen.

The Leader was first to report how people were making the trip up Bersham Bank last weekend for pictures after spotting the giant letters spelling out the town name.

Since then, guesses have flown around about who the mastermind behind the touch of Hollywood in North Wales really was.

Both Wrexham Council and Wrexham AFC quickly nipped rumours in the bud about being the ones responsible.

Even the A-list co-chairman of the town football club Ryan Reynolds chipped in to say he was not the man people should be looking for after the question was put to him by the Leader.


Suggestions that the production company FX Entertainment working on the ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ documentary piece about the Hollywood infused club takeover was unable to be verified by the Leader.

However, on August 20, the truth behind the sign was revealed.

Vanarama – the online car leasing firm which sponsors the National Football League in which Wrexham AFC play – was revealed as the ones behind the elaborate operation.

A large red banner featuring the brand name along with the slogan ‘Vanarama: National league Season Premiere Aug 21’ was unfurled by crews that got to the site at 6am.

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Vanarama CEO, Andy Alderson, said: “I can confirm that we are behind the Wrexham sign that has been on the lips of the nation since Monday.

“We are overwhelmed by the wholly positive support that the now firmly established landmark has received. The stunt was always designed to shine a light on the National League and breathe a new lease of life into our 8th season as title sponsor.

“English football has been through numerous ups and downs since the start of the coronavirus pandemic which threatened the very existence of many lower-league clubs and we wanted to ensure the league teams get their moment in the limelight - and drive new interest in the competition.

“We have listened to thousands of calls for the sign to remain a permanent fixture and we will be having active conversations with authorities on whether it can stay put.

"Along with Wrexham and their high-profile owners, we wish all the teams the best of luck this season.”

The sign was lit up last night, with security appointed onsite for the first time to protect the now famous landmark.

This reveal comes ahead of Wrexham AFC’s clash against Solihull on Saturday, August 21.