KEEPERS at the Welsh mountain Zoo have found a variety of ways to keep their animals cool.

In response to the boiling weather (temperatures topped 27 degrees on Friday, July 23), the Colwyn Bay zoo introduced special measures to make sure their animals were comfortable in the heat.

The snow leopards, with their thick fur, have to keep hydrated. Keepers have been freezing their food inside chunks of ice for the animals to gnaw on.

The chimps have also had their own ice lollies. They are packed full of fruit whilst the sea lions have been munching on frozen fish.

Peter Litherland, of the Welsh Mountain Zoo, said: “We all welcome the warm weather and most of our animals do too, however, it’s really important that they stay cool and we have to find ways to makes sure that this happens.

"The food in frozen water works particularly well and we also have sprinklers in several of the enclosures spraying cool water throughout the day.”

Additional shade has also been put in place around the grounds.

Penguins have also being enjoying cooling treats as well as the red pandas.

A Eurasian Brown Bear also took a dip in the pool.

The heatwave is expected to dissipate over the weekend and a yellow weather warning for rain has been issued.

A second UK heatwave is predicted for August.