MORE than 100 residents in Prestatyn have signed a petition to the Welsh Government against the recent planning's committee decision to approve 102 affordable homes adjacent to Alexandra Drive.

Signatures have been gathered from residents from Alexandra Drive and Ffordd Cae Felin.

Gareth Davies, MS for Vale of Clwyd and South West councillor, who has signed the petition, said: "In addition to signing the residents petition I have written to Housing Minister Julie James MS requesting the Welsh Government call in the proposal for reconsideration following concerns over the land, LDP, and committee process leading to the decision by the council. I’m currently waiting on a response from the minister.”

“I support and understand the need for affordable housing in Denbighshire, who wouldn’t? But what I can’t support is housing being placed in the wrong area which is proven to flood in heavy rain that will do no favours for prospective new residents for the area. We’d be setting them up to fail.

"This is also good agricultural land which Denbighshire needs aswell as housing so should be kept as it is.”

Mr Davies added: “I’m looking forward to hearing the Welsh Government’s decision and I hope they come to the correct conclusion now they have a wider understanding of the practical issues and public emotion surrounding this controversial application, lets hope some common sense prevails.”

Dr James Davies, MP for Vale of Clwyd, has also written to Ms James.

He has called the council’s handling of the matter as “indefensible”.

“I am extremely disappointed that Denbighshire are refusing to revisit this application," he said.

“I felt there was no alternative but to request Welsh Government intervention and I hope that the Minister is in agreement that this application should be called-in.”