AN MS for North Wales has pledged to support a day-long event next month to promote farming.

Sam Rowlands, Shadow Minister for Local Government, will lend his backing to '24 Hours in Farming’ run by agricultural magazine Farmers Guardian and sponsored by supermarket Morrisons.

It will run from 5am on August 9 until 5am on August 10.

The event, which has been running since 2015, invites people working in the agricultural industry, to take to social media platforms to showcase the work they do on a normal day.

Mr Rowlands said: “I am delighted to support this very worthwhile event and cannot speak highly enough about the work our farmers carry out every day. “This is a wonderful opportunity, through social media, for farmers to share a day in their lives and show the public what it is really like to work in agriculture.

“As we continue to recover from the pandemic it is vitally important people realise what an enormous amount of sheer hard work and effort goes in both to producing the food we eat and protecting our countryside

“This online, event is an ideal chance to showcase what farmers do, day in and day out, to bring us all the range and quality of produce we want."

24 Hours in Farming is the agricultural industry’s biggest online event with an audience of more than 112 million.

Each year farmers are encouraged to take to social media for one day to post pictures, videos and text to show and explain the work they are doing that day. The aim is to show consumers the vast extent of the effort and care which goes into producing the food they eat.

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