A CHEF was about to bite into his KFC meal when he found what appeared to be ‘brain’.

The 31-year-old, who asked not to be named, said he made the unwanted discovery in his order from a drive-thru branch of the fast-food restaurant.

“It was pretty disgusting,” he said. “You hear about things like this but you don’t really expect to see it. It is just not acceptable.

“I’ve been a chef for seven years and as soon as I saw it my first thought was that it was brain.

“I wasn’t too sure but it put me off my meal and I didn’t eat it.”

Rhyl Journal: The 'brain' substance found in the chicken wing by a customer in KFC Rhuddlan.The 'brain' substance found in the chicken wing by a customer in KFC Rhuddlan.

He went to the drive-thru with his 16-year-old nephew and he is concerned that other people who go there may not be as careful with their food as he is.

“It could have been anything; it could have been dangerous,” he said.

“It is a good job it was me and not my nephew as I tend to pick food apart, whereas he would have just bitten straight into it.

“I know KFC buys chicken in and it is already pre-packed before going into the store; it is not the staff’s fault but you would expect a massive company to check before it is sent off."

He said he went into the Rhuddlan restaurant to inform staff so that they were aware of the discovery.

"Next time they might not have a customer who is relaxed about it as me," he said.

“I was given an apology and offered a refund but that is not the issue; I was more concerned about people’s safety.”

The man said he had written to KFC's head office to notify them of the incident and ask for an explanation.

He said he had received an apology and was told the substance was not brain but giblets, such as liver and other offal.

KFC said it would send a recovery bag to the customer to check the substance, however he had already thrown it in the bin.

A KFC spokesperson said: “Hands up! We know this doesn’t look great but rest assured it’s not a chicken brain.

"It goes without saying it shouldn’t be there, but this sometimes happens when dealing with fresh, natural produce.

"Whilst it’s harmless, we know it’s not appealing so we’re in touch with the guest to make things right.”