A WOMAN fell on rocks and injured herself in Kinmel Bay.

Flint Coastguard Rescue Team were called at 2.26pm on June 2 at 2.26pm alongside Rhyl Coastguard Rescue Team.

The woman had slipped and injured herself on rocks on the beach. This was in the vicinity of Golden Sands caravan park.

A spokesperson for the rescue team said: "On scene, and due to the fast approaching incoming tide and assistance needed in providing some pain relief, Rhyl RNLI requested to assist.

"Working together both CRT's and RNLI crew successfully treated, packaged and placed casualty in a stretcher. By this time the tide had reached the rescue workers.

"Discussion was held between all rescue personnel and it was decided the best form of transport would be via lifeboat.

"Lifeboat took casualty to a awaiting ambulance at Rhyl Harbour.

"Once this was done we were released from the scene."

This was one of three incidents yesterday.

Flint Coastguard Rescue Team were also tasked by Holyhead MRCC to an inflatable unicorn blowing out to sea near to the Nova Center, Prestatyn.

This was about 1.30pm.

A spokesperson for the team said: "The team kept eyes on inflatable whilst scouting the water with binoculars for any person's that may have fallen off whilst RNLI Rhyl in-shore lifeboat were launching.

"Once launched, the inshore lifeboat were guided onto the inflatable and recovered it back to the beach.

"All units happy. No persons were in any danger and as a result stood down."

At 2pm, the duty team joined members of Rhyl Lifeboat and RNLI lifeguards following reports of a missing child last seen at the waters edge in Rhyl.

A spokesperson said: "Whilst proceeding, and the OiC requesting further assets to be tasked to assist in the search, the welcome news came through the radio that the child in question had made their way to the RNLI Lifeguard hut and was safe and well."

David Sutton, station officer, said: "Today saw some fantastic teamwork from both the CRT's and RNLI on three occasions. The third time being a successful casualty extraction working against the clock with a incoming tide.

"I also must give my thanks to the two members of staff from The Golden Sands caravan park who stayed with the casualty throughout.

"Helping to keep the casualty as calm as possible during their ordeal.

"Nothing but great teamwork and professionalism shown at all times".