A LITTLE girl diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia received a kind donation of toys from fundraising group Belief.

Felicity Jones, of Rhyl, was diagnosed with rare cancer - that affects white blood cells - in February. The three-year-old is undergoing various forms of treatment, including chemotherapy. She is also on "strong" medication.

Steve Evans, founder of Belief, heard about Felicity's diagnosis and arranged for the generous donation to be given.

"We heard she was a big fan of Barbie, Lego Duplo, Play-Doh and painting," Steve said.

"We presented her with an assortment of her favourite toys.

"Her life has been turned upside down."

Mum Laura, who has partner Shane, is keen to raise awareness about acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and to urge parents to trust their instincts if they think something doesn't feel right.

Laura said: "She turned three at the start of February. Everything was fine with her. She wasn't ill. She had no symptoms whatsoever.

Felicity hasnt had the chance to fully enjoy her new toys yet

Felicity hasn't had the chance to fully enjoy her new toys yet

"The day after pancake day she went to nursery as normal and she came home a little bit early because she had a lot of gunk on her mouth. She was a little bit tired but nothing unusual or out of the ordinary.

"The Wednesday afternoon she was feeling a bit more tired. She wanted to go to bed about 2.30pm. I said to her I wasn't sure about going to bed at that time in the afternoon as she won't sleep at night. I put her in the bath and a rash came up on her feet and she had little bruises. I put the bruises down to her playing - her scooter or her bike, but something just didn't feel right.

"We took her to A&E and they thought it was meningitis to begin with and then we were told it was leukaemia."

Felicity, who has siblings - Fayeth, Temperance and Lily, is currently on four types of chemotherapy.

Laura said Felicity is thankfully coping well.

"In all fairness she is doing brilliantly," Laura added.

"She is quite tired but she will get up in the morning and have a bit of breakfast. She will play with her sisters or with Play-Doh or the paint for a while, then she will have a rest and then have a play again."

Laura explained that Felicity's diagnosis has been a "massive shock" to everyone.

"She was wasn't ill, she wasn't crying, she was just a bit tired," Laura said.

"A bit tired and a few bruises on her legs which is normal for a three-year-old at playgroup.

"I had to phone her dad and tell him about Felicity on the phone. I was at Glan Clwyd Hospital at 12.15am on a Thursday morning and I had to tell him that she had leukaemia over the phone.

"We had to do a video call in Alder Hey Children's Hospital - he was in Rhyl. It is something I never want to go through again."

Laura stressed that staff at Alder Hey had been amazing.

The mum was was moved when Belief got in touch asking if there is anything Felicity enjoyed playing with.

"I told them she likes Barbie and she likes Play-Doh," Laura said.

"They brought her some things round and played for about half-an-hour before being taken back into hospital.

"She has hugged the box with the Barbie van."

Steve said: "I know this amazing family personally as they joined me on a fundraising walk up Snowdon a few years ago. I was devastated to hear of the plight they are currently going through.

"As soon as we heard about Felicity, we wanted to help try and put a smile on her face and perhaps give her something to occupy her while receiving treatment.

"We contacted Laura who informed us she what likes, then wasted no time in getting her a great selection of her favourite toys.

"Felicity is a lovely little three-year-old child and hearing about her journey is truly heartbreaking.

"We wish Felicity and all her loving family all the very best."