A MEDICAL centre has been forced to introduce a 'zero tolerance policy' on its social media page.

Kinmel Bay Medical Centre have implemented the measure following negative and "derogatory" comments on Facebook.

As a result, anyone that post hurtful or disrespectful comments may be struck off the patient list.

Posting a document on Facebook, Kinmel Bay Medical Centre said: "It is disappointing that we are having to post this following negative comments on Facebook.

"The surgery is working tirelessly to continue to provide a full service for our patients as well as an extremely challenging Covid vaccination program during a global pandemic.

"We really appreciate all the positive comments and support we receive from our patients, however, any further negative or derogatory comments on social media may result in removal from our patient list."

Derogatory comments could be seen as a "potential breakdown" in the doctor-patient relationship.

The centre added: "If there are any aspects of our service that you are not entirely happy with, please speak to us about this. We may contact patients involved directly to have a discussion about any issues that they have.

"We would ask that, rather than posting derogatory or hurtful comments about the practice or any staff on social media, it would be more appropriate to put your comments in writing to the surgery, giving the opportunity to respond.

"All feedback is welcome, positive and negative, as it gives us the opportunity to review the services that we provide and where necessary or appropriate, make any changes or improvements.

"You would not expect to read derogatory comments about yourself at your own work place, nor do we."