VANDALS painted obscene graffiti on a bowling green in Rhyl.

A giant penis was sprayed on the Sunny Rhyl Bowling Club at the Botanical Gardens.

Yobs also sprayed a fish pond and a bird bath with the same substance.

The incident happened earlier this month.

Dave Cawley, committee member of Sunny Rhyl Bowling club and their representative on the Botanical Gardens Community Committee, said: “The latest incident involved a chemical / powder being sprayed on the green in the shape of a giant penis which caused offence to many users of the gardens. This powder was also thrown into flower beds, a birdbath and the pond. A large metal litter bin was also thrown in the pond.

“At this moment in time it is impossible to check what effect this has had on the fish in the pond. If the fish do not survive it will have a devastating effect on the young children who are taken into the park.

“The council made some attempt to clear the green but the grass has been destroyed and the shape is clearly visible. It will take considerable expense to repair, money which the club has not got.

“Anti-social behaviour and criminal damage has increased quite considerably in the last few months,” Mr Cawley added.

“I think there are two issues - pupils not being in school and congregating in the park and the park gates being open 24/7 and also the lack of a police presence.”

Sunny Rhyl Bowling Club are responsible for the maintenance of two bowling greens.

Mr Cawley has been voicing his concerns about the anti-social behaviour and criminal damage and has written to several different parties including councillors, police and high schools in the area.

He has also outlined other incidents that have occurred including a dog being through over the two-metre high fence around the bowling green; volunteers being verbally abused and bike skid marks - which were several centimetres deep - on the green.

Committee members and volunteers are desperate for the problems to be resolved.

Suggestions such as funding more cctv or installing a second fence have been put forward and educating young people on the benefits of the gardens.

Inspector James Keene, at North Wales Police, said: ‘We have received several reports of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage in the Botanical Gardens in recent weeks.

"As a result, we have commenced targeted patrols by our Neighbourhood Policing Team in and around the area, and we will be working with the local council with regards the ongoing issues at the location."