INVESTIGATORS and police divers are set to identify a wreck found off the North Wales coast as the missing vessel 'Nicola Faith', an expert has said.

Deep water rescue specialist David Mearns, who has been assisting with the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of the Nicola Faith, tweeted today that the wreck is largely intact.

He added: "The exposed starboard hull shows no damage.

"Key features like the radar mast above the wheelhouse and high tower above the stern surely identify it as the Nicola Faith, to be confirmed by the MAIB and police divers later today."

The Nicola Faith fishing boat pictured at Conwy harbour. Picture: Roger Fox

The Nicola Faith fishing boat pictured at Conwy harbour. Picture: Roger Fox

Skipper Carl McGrath, 34, and crewmates Ross Ballantine, 39 and Alan Minard, 20, were on the Conwy fishing boat 'Nicola Faith' when it went missing on January 27.

A two-day multi-agency search was carried out.

Sadly, the bodies of Mr Ballantine, 39, Mr McGrath and Mr Minard have been identified after being discovered on the Wirral and Blackpool.

On April 6, the UK Government Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) said a sunken vessel, deemed to be of significant interest, had been located in the Colwyn Bay area by an MAIB commissioned vessel searching for missing the Nicola Faith.

The chief inspector of Marine Accidents issued a ‘Notice of Direction to Prohibit Access’ around the wreck requiring that the wreck be left undisturbed until further notice, pending further investigation.

Mr Mearns, who is carrying out the private search on behalf of the families following a huge fundraising effort, also tweeted earlier today: "The wreck is lying on its bottom at a 30-degree angle to port. The 1300 kHz Blueview sonar revealed lines floating above the wheelhouse and fishing gear forward of the aft tower.

"A ridge of sand (in red) has built up at the stern because of tidal flow."

Mr Mearns helped to recover the wreckage of the plane carrying Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala.