ABERGELE Town Council have installed interactive speed signs.

There are six in total - these are in place on the main roads into Abergele and Pensarn.

Cllr Alan Hunter, mayor of Abergele, said: "Cllr Charlie McCoubrey brought the idea of interactive cameras to the town council in 2019. This followed a public meeting he chaired regarding speed and road safety on Dundonald Road.

"The council was fully supportive of pursuing the installation. The idea then later became a gateway project when Conwy County BoroughCouncil offered to procure the signs as part of a countywide initiative with local town councils.

"The original plan was for four signs for Abergele and Pensarn however by taking part in the initiative two additional sign were added, one in Belgrano and the other at the Pensarn entrance to Dundonald Road.

"Speed has been and continues to be an issue in many areas but if the installation of the sign makes drivers think about and adjust their speed which could prevent an accident, then the work of the Abergele Town Council will have been worth the time and effort.

"I am hopeful that the town council will be able to provide further road safely measures in the future," cllr hunter added.

"The interactive signs are widely used in Europe and their use in the UK is increasing."