A GROUP of friends braved terrible weather to take on the 'Welsh 3000s Challenge' and raised an incredible £10,000 for St David's Hospice.

The fundraiser took place last month. Those involved in the Snowdonia peaks challenge included: Ben Woof, of Prestatyn; Alun Pritchard, of Old Colwyn; Gary Field and Gareth Lavin from Llandudno Junction; Howard Vaughan, from Glan Conwy and Mark Orme, of Llandudno.

The men walked 100k, battled below zero temperatures, driving rain, and gale force winds to climb all but one of the 15 mountains.

Mr Field said: "We decided that the Welsh 3000s was an ideal challenge. The Welsh 3000s are defined as 15 peaks that are over 3000ft in the Snowdonia National Park and the challenge is completed by hiking up to 50kms. However, this did not seem to be enough distance, so we added 50kms more.

“With a route planned, we decided that a local charity should benefit from our challenge and with not much debate, St David’s Hospice was selected. This was because most of the team had a close connection with the charity, where St David’s provided outstanding end of life care to members of their families in their final days, whilst support was given to them personally.

“Unfortunately, training was not as straight forward as it should have been due to Covid-19, and meant walks, hikes and runs were conducted either in pairs, abiding by Covid-19 guidance, or by ourselves, attempting to achieve up to 30kms as the training progressed.

“As if the challenge were not hard enough, we were greeted by snow-capped peaks, temperatures of minus-four degrees with a wind chill of minus-nine degrees, horizontal rain that would thrash into our faces because of the 40-50mph wind and with gusts of up to 80mph, that alone was enough to make people want to go home.

"After a few moans the lads got strangely used to the 10 hour days.

"The effort that the team put in was nothing less than admirable, with some facing fears of heights, falling, and being wet and cold.”

The team walked 103k and climbed 14 of the peaks, but had to admit defeat on Elidir Fawr in the Glyderau range. Unfortunately as they approached the peak the winds were too severe and posed an imminent danger to life.

Fundraising will continue until May 1.

Donate at www.justgiving.com/team/Welsh3000hike100k