CONWY is among the best destinations in the UK for a ‘babymoon’, according to research by a price comparison website. surveyed 51 locations and considered factors such as restaurants, parks, museums and health care facilities per person living in the area to spend a babymoon – a vacation to celebrate pregnancy.

It found that Conwy was the second best destination, behind the City of London, and ranked the highest in the index for closeness to the beach and best place to go for beachside downtime. Conwy was also ranked second for healthcare facilities, giving parents-to-be peace of mind that medical help is available if needed.

Warwick was listed third best, Bury fourth and Richmond upon Thames in fifth place.

Josh Daniels, head of travel insurance at, said: “We understand that many holidaymakers are looking to stay closer to home and travel domestically this year.

“Babymoons are a great opportunity for expectant parents to relax and ease some of the stress that may come with pregnancy, as well as a chance to enjoy one final break before their baby is born.

“Although you may not be travelling abroad for your babymoon, it’s still important to take out travel insurance to make sure you’re properly covered in case any issues arise.”

With travel plans uncertain due to the pandemic searches for ‘babymoon UK breaks’ have surged by 180 per cent over the last 12 months as parents-to-be opt for a staycation instead.

Planning a babymoon is exciting but there are some things to consider to make sure you have the best time.

Parenting coach Isobel Mary Champion said: “First of all, you need to prepare in advance – are you hoping for a relaxing beach vacation or a city break? Think about what you want from your trip. Next, you need to decide when is best for you to travel and how you’ll get there, as it’s important you feel comfortable while travelling. Some prefer to drive, others prefer to take public transport, such as the train.

“Similarly, not all babymoons are for couples, and deciding who you want to travel with can be a difficult decision, but it’s all about who has your best interests at heart and who you’ll have the most fun with whether that’s a family member or even a best friend.

“You should also pack mindfully – take items that will help add to your comfort, such as a pregnancy cushion or some snacks you’ve been craving.

“Last but not least, enjoy yourself – you deserve it.”

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